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Our Program

Adult recreational participants

The MACC program is for adults. It is organized by ski clubs and ski teams. Our racers come from all over Michigan and its neighbors (Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois). Junior ages 14 through 17 can participate if a parent or guardian is a MACC racer.

Race with people as fast as you

Racers in this program are organized into classes based on ability and gender. A handicap system is used to place men and women in appropriate classes, and to determine when racers should upgrade or downgrade to different classes. Ability groups with lots of racers are further divided by age (vet racers are 40 and over, and super-vet racers are 60 and over). The handicap system ensures that in most classes, all racers are within a few seconds of each other.

Separate courses for different classes

We usually run two courses per day to keep the number of racers per course under 50 (i.e., 100 racer runs). The course setters are able to set courses that are appropriate to the ability levels of the classes. The limited number of racers reduces course rutting and deterioration and give more participants a change to ski a "clean course." When ruts develop, they are consistent with the ability levels of the racers: elite racers face ruts at the turning gate, intermediate ruts occur further down. Each course typically takes about an hour to complete (both runs).

The best terrain

The best terrain for racing in the lower peninsula of Michigan is the Superbowl slope at Boyne Mountain. With 400 ft of vertical, a steep pitch, permanent shacks at the start and finish, and a warming hut that overlooks the hill, the Boyne race arena is simply the best facility available for alpine racing in our area. We sometimes have a 3-day race weekend further away. Some years we go to Searchmont in Ontario, Canada. Searchmont's 700-ft vertical and rolling terrain allow us to run a super-G, along with regular GS and slalom.

Our Season

Individual race awards

On a given race day, there are about 20 different men and women's ability classes. Awards are given to the top three finishers for each class on every race day. The awards are typically glasses or mugs with a MACC logo.

World Cup points and awards

Besides winning awards for the top three finishes, participants accumulate World Cup points for the top 15 finishes. Points are accumulated over the season, and at the end of the year awards are given to the top three finishers in each class. The best 8 finishes (out of 11 races) are used. Therefore it is not necessary to make every single race to be competitive in the chase for World Cup glory.

Team awards

All MACC racers are associated with a team. Some of the teams are affiliated with ski clubs, in which case membership in the club might be required. Other teams exist only to participate in the MACC racing program: no team meetings, no team dues.

Team trophies are given out, based on team averages accumulated over the season. Team results are posted every race week, so you can keep track of how your team is doing as the season progresses.

Mark II weekend

The season concludes with the Mark II weekend. This is a 3-day weekend in March, held at Boyne Mountain. A highlight is the Mark II banquet on Saturday night, in which all of the season trophies are given out.

Be sure to get tickets for the Saturday night banquet. A roast-beef and chicken buffet provides tasty nourishment, while we socialize, look at the 1000+ photos taken during the season, drink more nourishment from the cash bar, and applaud those who receive seasonal world cup trophies and team trophies. Also, this is where all the equipment and goodies donated by our sponsors are handed out. Your banquet ticket includes a raffle ticket. Drawings result in awards of skis, boots, poles, sunglasses, helmets, season passes, and many ski and sport-related items.

How Can I Participate?

I Want to Try MACC Racing...

MACC has just the thing for you!

Try racing in our program as a guest!

You can sign up to race for a day in our program for a low cost, try racing and see if you like it.  

You are able to sign up online or in the morning before racing starts at "the Othmar" on Superbowl.

I'm Ready! How Do I Join!!

If you're ready to be a MACC racer you can sign up online or by mailing in this form.

MACC Officers


Alexandra Carrico


Vice President

Drew Hilger


Past President

Ginnie Uhley



Ryan Bloodworth



Mike Hietbrink


MACC Directors


Jeanette Roberts


Timing & Announcers

Shawn Hughes


Computers & Results

Steve Coatney


Course Setting

Jason Kanakry



David Carrico


Course Officials

Rob Reader


Race Workers

Bill Perlmutter


Course Operations

Dennis Parrott


Awards & Sponsors

Zach Jablonski



Mike Sayers.




Debi Lewis-Koltoniak



Denise Miller


MDSC Representative

Lou Oles


MACC Team Representatives

Ann Arbor Ski Club

Holly Polopolos

Alan Osterdale

Ann Arbor Ski Club

Thunderbird Ski Club

Mike Jablonski

Dennis Parrott

Thunderbird Ski Club

Jim Dandy Ski Club

Alfred Cureau

Jim Dandy Ski Club


Sue Holmes


Gary Bloodworth

Snow Drifters

Rob Reader

Gary Konsza

Team Rust

Mick Serafinski (Moby Mick)

Denise Miller

Toledo Ski Club

Pat Groves

Debi Lewis-Koltoniak

Toledo Ski Club

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