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How To Purchase Banquet Tickets

Welcome to the new banquet ticket purchase app!

You can pay for your tickets with a credit card or your PayPal account. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal.

To buy tickets, click the "Buy Tickets!" button.

If you experience problems or have questions, email your issue to registration@maccracing.org.

Racer Info:

We need to collect a little info about the racer buying the tickets!

Ski Team

You need to tell us what ski team you are part of so that we can plan an adequate number of tables for your team at the banquet.

After choosing your team, click the "Add Guests" button to add guests to your party and/or finalize your ticket purchase.


Add Guests to Your Purchase

To buy a ticket for yourself, click the "Add Guest" button so that you can choose your meal type.

After adding yourself, you may add guests to your purchase, click the "Add Guest" button to add a guest. You may add as many guests as you require by clicking the "Add Guest" button. [NOTE: there may be limits imposed by Boyne due to COVID restrictions!]

For each guest you add, you can select the ticket type; Adult, Child (5-12 yrs), Toddler (0-4 yrs) and request a vegetarian meal.

Guest List

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Purchase Your Tickets

These are the tickets you are purchasing.

If your guest list is correct, use the PayPal buttons below to purchase your tickets.

If you need to add people to your list, click the "Add Guests" button below to return to the previous page to complete your list. When you are finished adding people to your list click the "Buy Tickets!" button to return here to purchase.

Guest List

List of tickets bought

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Congratulation! Below is a confirmation of your purchase that you can print for your records.


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Guest List

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# Kids # $
# Toddlers # $
Total Cost: # $

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