Michigan's Answer to the World Cup!

Race Worker Signup

Remember, if you race three races in a weekend, you will need TWO work assignments!!

Gate Judge Signup

Gate judge signup is accomplished through a SignUp Genius account. Clicking the link below will open a new tab or window in your browser on the MACC SignUp Genius page to allow you to select a gate judge job.

MACC Race Weekend 1 Gate Judge SignUp

Timing Crew Signup

This signup page is managed by the MACC Timing & Announcers Director.

Timing Crew Signup Page

When you click the link below the signup page will open in a new tab or window in your browser.

Timing Crew Signup Page

Work assignments for Announcers, Timers, and Inside-Starters:

If you're looking for an inside work assignment as Announcer, Timer or Inside-Starter, you've come to the right place.
Before proceding, know that:

  • You will spend extra time up front to learn the job
  • and will work about 30 minutes longer each race than a gate judge.
  • You'll have greater responsibility for rules, safety and improving our program,
  • but you'll have less control over which race you are assigned to work.
  • And, we expect you to consistantly attend most, or all, of our (Boyne) races each year.

If you're still interested, on the Directors tab of the MACC About Us page, is a contact for Timing & Announcers. Let him know you're interested.

Course Operations

So you are interested in becoming a member of the Course Operations team.

Course Setting

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Course Setting team please contact the Director of Course Setting. You can find the required contact information on the "Directors" tab of the About Us page

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